Business Model and Sustainability

There are three varieties of oil palm: dura, pisifera and tenera, the latest being mainly taken for agro-industrial production.
The dissemination of palm oil plants is mostly done with seeds, which are extracted from the fruit using a depericarper.
  • The seeds are preheated at 40 degrees Celsius for 75 days.
  • Then, they are soaked in running water to allow them to cool for 4 or 5 days.
  •  After 10 to 12 days, the seeds germinate and should be planted in polyethylene bags.
  • During the first 3 years, other kind of plantations that need their shade are interspersed to take advantage of the waiting time and to start from the beginning to generate sources of employment and production.
  • Some of these crops can be vegetables, flowers, chilies, bananas, ginger, among others.
  • After 12 to 15 months, it is cultivated plants with about 1 m tall and they have 12 or 13 functional leaves. The best period to reseed the palm tree is from June to December.
  • With a triangular planting method of 9m x 9m x 9m between 143 and 145 palm trees are placed on one hectare of land.
  • The plantations require a constant and sufficient irrigation system to achieve their rapid and whole development.
  • The oil palms begin to produce fruit three years after their sowing, they have a commercial life of about 25 years but a biological life of at least 60 years.
  • The fruit grows in tight clusters known as fresh fruit bunches that are harvested manually every 10 days throughout all the year generating numerous sources of employment.
  • Then, the harvested fruit is transported to the processing plant. The mills prepare vapor, press the fruit and clarify the resulting crude oil.
  • The grinding capacities are denominated in weight processed every hour.
  • The oil is refined and fractionated in its components normally in external refineries; the grains are crushed on the site or in external processors to produce palm kernel oil and palm kernel flour.
  • Finally, the oil palm derived products are commercialized in the international market through the main ports of exportation of the region.