Our Company

Who we are and what is our Goal?

African Palm Corp, it’s a private capital company, its fundamental goal is the planting, cultivation, processing and commercialization of the African oil palm and its derived products to the international markets.

This will allow to promote and maximize the agro-industrial resources and human capital of the entire region in order to benefit and fortify the involved communities.

Mission and Vision of African Palm Corp

Our Mission:
Produce and commercialize the African oil palm as well as all its derived products, which allow us being a competitive, dynamic, innovative and efficient company, ensuring that the processes make efficient use of resources.
This way of acting will reduce the negative environmental impact, meeting the specifications, quality and safety requirements and satisfying our customers and employees demands as well as the consequent satisfactory remuneration of the shareholders.
Our Vision
Being the leading company in quality and extraction of products derived from the African oil palm at international level, respecting the quality parameters that the international market demands through continuous improvement.

Proposal of African Palm Corp

Our proposal is the development of a solid agro-industry of high performance and minimal environmental impact, that also allows the communities to be protagonists of the economic development through their participation in the process, which includes from the cultivation of palm trees to the industrial processing of the different derived products and their final delivery to the international distribution chain.

The African Palm Corp Team

We are a group of experts in the production and marketing area of products and derivatives of the African oil palm.