The African Oil Palm

The cultivation of the African oil palm is the most efficient vegetable oil crop in the world, also in terms of land use. It uses less than half that is required by other crops (such as sunflower, soy or colza oil) to produce the same amount of oil.
The world production of palm oil has increased from 15.2 million tons in 1995 to 62.6 million tons in 2015. This is the largest volume of production of all vegetable oils, surpassing the second largest oilseed crop in more than 10 millions of tons.
  1. The cultivation of palm trees is a very resistant crop and it has low incidences of blight.
  2. Oil palms have an economic life cycle of 20 to 25 years.
  3. It can be obtained additional gains by inserting another type of crop into the pre-fertile periods.
  4. There is no risk of theft and generates local sources of employment. 
  5. Palm oil prices are usually lower than the prices of colza oil or those of soy oil.
It has the highest yield in comparison with other oil plantations per hectare of land. An oil palm produces ten times more oil per hectare than the one produced by soybean, five times more than the colza and two times more than the coconut.
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  • A lot of products can be produced from the oil palm: palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm olein, palm kernel olein, palm stearin and distillate of palm fatty acid.
  • The oils have different characteristics and all have different uses in the products. From being used as a cheap source of protein in animal feed, for human food and for cooking, as an important component of soap, detergent, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, fuels and oil-chemical products for the production of rubbers and candles and even vegetable fuel (biodiesel).
  • This crop ensures monthly profits and good market prices throughout the year.
  • A high return can be expected resulting in the improvement of the economic status .
  • And from a financial point of view the most important thing is that : the palm oil is traded on wall street and other stock markets as a very reliable commodity.